What is New French Touch?

The concept of New French Touch was developed by Benoît Couty, the founder of the Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA) and one of the first collectors of cryptoart worldwide.

New French Touch refers to the French Touch, the name given to the electronic music movement that appeared in the mid-90s around French music producers like world-renowned Etienne de Crécy and Daft Punk. At that time, the English media, conquered by this new trend, began to call it new wave, French hype and then French Touch, referring to the one-of-a-kind twist these French artists were giving to digital music. Since then, French Touch has been internationally acclaimed.

Nowadays, the French Touch in electronic music has given way to a New French Touch for NFTs and cryptoart.

Like the revolution that happened in the 90s in electronic music, cryptoart and NFTs revolutionize the art world, empowering artists and creators who can then set free from the traditional art market and its actors (galleries, auction houses and other experts). This freedom has given crypto artists the freedom to explore new ways and techniques, thus launching a unique art movement.

The French art scene isn’t just participating in the NFT trend, it largely contributes to it, with pioneering artists like Alotta Money, Pascal Boyart and LuluxXX who paved the way to the many emergent French artists who are now minting their artworks on blockchains.

What is the ambition of New French Touch

The ambition of New French Touch is to support the image and reputation of France in the cryptoart scene, to contribute to French soft power worldwide and to acknowledge that French actors play a leading role in the NFT revolution.

As regards to the cryptoart and NFT art space, New French Touch aims to inspire new projects, gather initiatives, pave the way, build France’s reputation in the field of art NFTs and make sure there is always a French Touch to major cultural events.

How does New French Touch operate?
New French Touch is led by 0x4rt and works as a multifaceted initiative. 
To ensure its success, it partners with the best teams and high-profile organizations.

Contact us

by phone +33 6 24 98 14 50 or by mail contact@newfrenchtouch.xyz