From June 20 to July 10, 2022

FIAF Presents NFT: New French Touch

Kevin Abosch, miss Al Simpson, Neil Beloufa, Booyasan, Hermine Bourdin, Pascal Boyart, Stephan Breuer, Leo Caillard, CEGZ.project, CryptoClay, Etienne de Crécy, FelixFelixFelix, Kibo, Lapin Mignon, LuluxXX, Albertine Meunier, Alotta Money / Jivinci, Nahiko, Polpics, Robness, Fabiano Speziari, Touky333, Vera Molnar

© Saint Nakamoto . Alotta Money / Jivinci
An exhibition of the french Cryptoto Art scene at FIAF • Part of NFT.NYC

Since their emergence in 2014, NFTs have risen in popularity. Beyond bridging the gap between visual art and new technology, crypto art proposes a new relationship to materiality, value, and art ownership. Like the revolutionary “French Touch” electronic music of the 1990s, the New French Touch exhibition highlights the vitality, dynamism, and rebellious nature of the crypto art movement in France.

The works selected for this exhibition represent crypto art’s numerous references to classical art history, including memento mori, ancient Greek and Roman art, dada, and punk movements. Bringing together a multitude of aesthetics, with works from established artists as well pioneering artists and emerging talents, New French Touch offers a unique panorama of artists shaping the future of art and technology.

This exhibition is curated by 0x4rt and Leila Khazaneh.

Exhibited artists :
Albertine Meunier • Alotta Money / Jivinci • Booyasan • CEGZ • CryptoClay • Etienne de Crécy • Fabiano Speziari • FelixFelixFelix • Hermine Bourdin • Kevin Abosch • Kibo • Lapin Mignon • Leo Caillard • LuluxXX • Miss Al Simpson • Nahiko • Neil Beloufa • Pascal Boyart • Polpics • Robness • Stephan Breuer • Touky333 • Vera Molnar

About the Curators
0x4rt is a Paris-based team of curators and crypto art leaders, including Benoit Couty, founder of the Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA); Albertine Meunier, pioneering digital artist and crypto art advisor; and Thuy-Tien Vo, MoCA co-curator and collector. In collaboration with Leila Khazaneh is a crypto art collector and advisor.

Selected artworks