From June 14 to September 20, 2022

Launch Space SuperRare New French Touch

Abdoulaye Barry, Neil Beloufa, Booyasan, Stephan Breuer, CEGZ.project, CryptoClay, Etienne de Crécy, FelixFelixFelix, Hermine Bourdin, Kibo, LuluxXX, Nahiko, Camille Roux, Teto, Touky333, Urban Drone, Xerak

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A showcase of CryptoArt french scene, or french spirit

New French Touch Space is a digital curatorial Space to highlight French digital CryptoArt creation, with a pinch of French spirit, not necessarily limited to French artists.
Promotion of the emerging French Cryptoart Scene – Focus on early cryptoart aesthetic and themes.

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About the Curators of the Space
BnoiitC is one of the earliest NFT/Cryptoart collectors in France and an active and influential member of the international Cryptoart and Metaverse communities since then. In 2018, he founded the Museum of Cryptoart (MoCA), a metaverse native museum where he manages and curates MoCA permanent collection. He is a major contributor in the recent developments of the NFT art scene in France.

Since 1998, Albertine Meunier explores the essential poetry and esthetics of the networks. She an artist and NFTs Collector. She is also a digital art advisor for l’Avant Galerie Vossen.

Arthemort just graduated from Sotheby’s Institute of Arts. Born and raised in an art collection, he’s been following the evolutions of blockchains synergies with the art world since 2017.

Lucie-Eleonore aka Cecinestpasleo is the CEO and co-founder of FauveParis, a French auction house. She’s committed to the crypto art revolution and has already organized several events with main actors of the NFT French scene.

G4SP4RD is an early collector of cryptoart. He likes exploring new NFT concepts and innovative collections regardless of the blockchain or NFT category.

Jean-Michel Pailhon is a Street art collector since 2005, an Art gallerist in Paris and a compulsive NFT art collector since 2020, specifically focused on NFT Photography.

Selected artworks